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  • Rebecca Stevens

Software for Nutritionists - A review of Nutrium

Disclosure: Nutrium has paid me a fee to write this article, however, all views are my own. 

AD / As part of my role as a freelance nutritionist, I work with individuals on a one:one basis and support companies with product or recipe development. I decided to trial the nutrition software ‘Nutrium’ as it was recommended to me by a fellow nutritionist. Nutrium claims to streamline the work of nutrition professionals by providing a range of simple and user-friendly tools for use in one:one consultations or in consultancy roles with companies. The consultation tools can be used by nutritionists and dietitians when seeing patients either face:face or in recent times, virtually. Another consideration, while the country is adhering to social distancing rules, is that the software supports telehealth integration. Nutrium allows integrated virtual video consultations with whichever platform you prefer using – Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype.

One:one consultations

For one:one consultations, I found Nutrium contained a number of handy features that  streamlined this side of my business. These included: 

  • Online schedulerto support you with the actual booking and confirmation of appointments. Once activated, via a few simple steps, the link can be included within your own website or social channels. 

  • Client history - the nutrition software also supports you during the consultations as you record your client’s history including their medical history and measurements if required (e.g. BMI, blood pressure, anthropometric). 

  • Planning -to set goals and targets that will support you develop meal plans if required by the client. 

  • Meal planning –if required, this feature enables you to build meal plans around energy, macronutrient and micronutrient levels and there are template options to help you get started.

  • Deliverables- a summary report can be generated and shared with your clients post consultation. This can include the meal plan or general recommendations on lifestyle/health as required. There is also the option to send instant messages via the system avoiding the use of emails and paper trails.

  • Monitoring – you can monitor your client’s ongoing progress and the Nutrium app also plays a supportive role by helping keep your client on track and remain motivated, should you/they wish to use it.  

Another very important consideration is that Nutrium records your client’s details in a GDPR compliant and confidential manner.

Nutrient or recipe analysis

For my consultancy work advising companies about the nutrition of their products or recipes, the nutrient analysis software was very intuitive and simple to use. Nutrium uses its own inbuilt food database, however, on occasion there were issues searching for items spelt in UK English e.g. yoghurt vs yogurt and chilli vs chili. The breakdown of information provided was very clear with key macro and micronutrients tabulated for easy reference; a full breakdown is also available. The outputs can also be sent on to clients in a PDF document which is very convenient. 

If you are a registered nutritionist or dietitian looking for nutrition software to support your consultations or consultancy work, Nutrium is definitely worth considering. It did help to streamline my business by keeping everything in one place with the added benefit of being GDPR compliant. I personally found the recipe analysis software easier to use than Nutritics and with Nutrium you have the added bonus of additional features that would be of benefit to a freelance nutrition professional. 

As part of this review I have been provided with a 25% discount code via an affiliate link which means I earn commission through click-through purchases (at no extra cost to yourself). Please use this link if you would like to find out more about Nutrium.

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