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  • Rebecca Stevens

Five breakfast options to keep you full until lunch

For many of us breakfast during the week will be a rushed affair with some of us starting our day with no more than a cup of coffee and half a slice of toast. But it is an important meal and a great opportunity to start fueling your body and ticking off some of your nutritional needs for the day.

Even if you can spare no more than 15 minutes in the morning, try out some of the simple and nutritious options below. Ideally, due to its role in keeping you feeling fuller for longer, we should be incorporating some protein in to our breakfasts. On weekends, where you hopeful

ly have more time to spare, you can go to town and mix up this repertoire with other options. As with all meals, variety is also important as it will mean you will have a broader spread of nutrients then just sticking with the same choice everyday.

1. Boiled egg and toast

Eggs are a great source of protein and incredibly versatile. A five-minute soft-cooked/slightly runny boiled egg on wholemeal or seeded bread is a simple and nutritious breakfast.

2. Museli, yoghurt and berries

Museli is an old favourite and often found in the back of a cupboard. Add some Greek yoghurt and whichever berries take your fancy. You’ve now got a breakfast that covers off all the macronutrients – carbs, fat and protein – with the added benefit of hitting some of your five-a-day target. Remember, berries don’t have to be fresh, frozen ones left overnight will also work.

3. Cheese and Marmite bagel

Marmite is very divisive – its tagline rings true for many. If you are a Marmite lover it goes incredibly well with cheese and it is a good source of vitamin B12 which can be problematic for vegetarians and vegans. Grab a toasted bagel, add a slice of cheese and some Marmite and you’ve got a filling breakfast. The added bonus is that it will travel well if you don’t have enough time to finish it at home.

4. Nut butter on toast

Nut butters are another type of spread that don’t work for everyone but they are a convenient way to incorporate protein into your breakfast. These days there are lots of different options and limited edition flavours including cherry bakewell or chocolate orange. It might be worth giving them another go if previously you weren’t a fan.

5. Overnight oats

This option uses five minutes of your time the night before but you will reap the reward in the morning. Using oats, milk, yoghurt, seeds and a fruit topping of your choice, overnight oats are another balanced option. You can find the basic recipe which you can adapt to suit your preferences here.

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